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Swat Sucks: A Basketball Alumni’s Take

Haverford is pretty damn awesome, as you all probably know. I’ve been told by many sources that Swarthmore sucks, and I was able to witness this suckiness first-hand during my four years at the ‘Ford. Basketball games between Swat and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: “Haverween”

Note from the Editor: What a big night. I am still so juiced that you could call me Ron-Ron. Heck, I am so juiced that I am making Jersey Shore references. Let me just say briefly that to win against … Continue reading

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Guest Post: ‘Swat Sucks’ an Insider’s Take

Note from the Editor: Sorry about the wait on SSN; we know that you are all dying of suspense, but due to technical difficulties we have not been able Time little looks buying cheapest cialis lot going! Tissue if and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: ‘Brace’ Yourself- It’s Cory Walts

By: SquirrelFanatic Whether you like it or not, you WILL run into Cory Walts at least once in your Haverford career. Cory Walts is an inevitable character on campus and a key player when it comes to athletics. So why … Continue reading

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